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SEA OF SPA LABS LTD, one of the most precious gems in the world, is well known for its extraordinary power and magical ability. In ancient times, black pearls were considered gems. Queen of Cleopatra, legendary queen of beauty, strength and fertility. In modern times, black pearls are considered as symbols of prestige, wealth and perfection. Moreover, there is growing scientific evidence that black pearl powder is associated with health and well-being. The powder has a positive effect on human organs. It promotes metabolism, restores blood circulation, and helps many skin diseases. 
Dead Sea Located in the Great Rift Valley between Israel and Jordan, the shore of the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth where the earth has been exposed. It is known as the “navel of the world”. Looking from afar, the Dead Sea looks like a two-tailed fish. Under the sun, the sea is like an ancient bronze mirror. The Dead Sea contains high concentrations of salt, which is 8.6 times that of ordinary seawater, resulting in no living organisms in the water. Even the land on the shores of the Dead Sea has few plants except for aquatic plants. This is one of the reasons people call it the Dead Sea. It is this peculiar and rich natural resource, and the seaweed, water quality, hot springs and black mud from the seabed that have been bred in the Dead Sea have become the raw materials of BLACK PEARL. People from all walks of life around the world have also come to this magical sea resort and health care.

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