24K Kit Lifting & energizing contour

Lifting & Firming

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Face Mask(12ps)

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Brighten your skin with this Black Pearl 24k Lifting & Energising Contour System Kitthat will boost your skin with hydration, has an immediate plumping effect on the skin and stimulates rapid absorption of all the other vital ingredients in this amazing masking system.


  • Contains 24k Gold Contour serum
  • Smoothens and lifts your skin with immediate and long term benefits
  • Stimulates Collagen Regeneration in the skin

A remarkable combination of rich ingredients and powerful products, our new 24k gold lifting & energizing contour system ahs been created to combat free radicals, dryness, and fatigue and to rejuvenate your skin. Our 24k gold face mask goes on first to boost the skin with hydration for soft, supple, glowing skin. Then, by following up with our 24k gold contour serum, you’ll be able to harness the smoothing power of 24k gold particles, as well as the age-defying benefits of our combination of black pearl power, dead sea minerals, and lush seaweed. Finally , by applying our soothing 24k gold eye masks once a week, you’ll also to specifically address the delicate area underneath the eyes to achieve a firm, revitalized look. With this multi-step system, you ‘ll lock in not only deep moisture, but also long –lasting effects. For energized, shimmering skin , make our 24k gold lifting & energizing contour system your go to skin care rgimen.

24K Gold Contour Serum

A top contender among 24k gold products, our new 24k gold contour serum uses the centuries-old power of luxurious 24k gold particles to bring you optimum results. Together with the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in our combination of black pearl power, dead sea minerals, and lush seaweed, these efficient particles work to smooth and lift your skin with long term results. For plumper skin and a more filled in appearance, try our 24k gold contour serum.

Direction for use: apply a small amount of serum over clean skin with a concentration on desired areas. For accurate dosage, use the syringe-like applicator on these areas of concern be pressing the complex out gently. To open and close the syringe twists the round base. After applying, tap gently and rub until complex is evenly absorbed.

24k Gold Face Mask

the first step in our rejuvenating 24k gold lifting & energizing contour system, our new 24k gold face mask is a refreshing and effective way to moisturize and nourish your skin. The formula in this incredible mask penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to lock in long-lasting, reinvigorating hydration. Producing a soft, supple complexion, it perfectly prepares your skin to receive and absorb the later steps in this potent system. For beautiful, radiant, energized skin, choose our 24k gold face mask.

Direction for use: after cleaning, apply face mask to face and neck. Let rest for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse away. Pat dry and follow up with the 24k gold contour serum.

24k Gold Eye Mask

the final piece in our 24k gold lifting & energizing contour system, our new 24k gold wye masks were built to focus on the delicate area underneath your eyes. Made to absorb quickly for lasting effects, these soothing and relaxing eye patches specifically target under-eye puffiness. For skin under the eyes that looks bright, firm, and revitalized, use our 24k gold eye masks.

Directions for use: once a week , apply eye masks over clean skin under the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. For best results, follow up with 24k gold contour serum.